Vogue Magazine Meets Revelstoke, British Columbia

“In Revelstoke, it’s not uncommon to see multiple shops in town with signs that read, “Powder morning, back at 10 a.m.” When you’re this remote, with winters where highway closures can render the town inaccessible, you might as well make the most of the situation and embrace the great outdoors. After all, you don’t come to this part of interior British Columbia, Canada just to sit by the fire all day—although that’s definitely part of it.” – Todd Plumber, Vogue Magazine February 22, 2019

It’s a special day when Revelstoke wakes up to find itself in the news, which is pretty often these days.  Even more so when it finds itself profiled by Vogue Magazine, only the most iconic fashion and lifestyle magazine on the planet.

So what does this mean for the small town of Revelstoke, now garnishing such high profile attention?   Especially, for owners and prospective real estate seekers.

Here are perspectives from some of the Royal Lepage Revelstoke agents, with decades of resort living experience:

“We’ve known it all along and we’ve been trying to keep it a secret!  And now the world knows.  With popularity comes attention, and with attention comes activity in the market that will bring tough market conditions.  Buyers will have to be ready to move quickly, especially with the fact that options are limited in certain price points and home configurations or condition.”  

– Rich Hamilton is a Royal LePage Revelstoke licensed Realtor® and 12-year resident of Revelstoke, having lived in Revelstoke in the late ’80’s and again from 2006 onward.  Prior to his last move to Revelstoke in 2006, Rich was a long-term resident of Whistler, British Columbia, pro ski patroller and resort lifestyle enthusiast.



“What’s Vogue Magazine?  Ok, seriously though, that’s pretty exciting for Revelstoke.  After 17-years in Whistler, British Columbia I moved to Revelstoke knowing it was a hidden gem and that however popular it may become it would still be remote enough not to become overrun and lose its charm.   Yes, this kind of exposure will bring attention and the real estate market will be influenced by this, in a good way for some and a more challenging way for others.  I hope that as the town grows we can maintain a healthy balance between businesses doing well and the town maintaining its charm.  And for those feeling the pinch from recent property value increases, I urge people to consider Shelter Bay.  It’s a little bit further of a drive, but as a resident of Shelter Bay I find the value and overall living experience to be unsurpassed!”

– Joe Lammers is a Royal LePage Revelstoke licensed Realtor® and 12-year resident of Revelstoke.  Joe lived in Whistler as a pro ski patroller, throwing bombs and saving lives, doubling as a pro skier and host of Pontiac World of Skiing television series.


Whether buying or selling property in Revelstoke, we’re here to help to understand the market, opportunities and assist in your real estate needs.  No Bogner’s necessary!